Mega Square

Afmeting : Blokjes hout 10x10 cm Dikte variatie tot max 2,5 cm Matje 60 x 60 cm licht buigbaar ( bol te vormen ) Soort hout : Teakhout

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1 Caja = 1.08 ㎡
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- 25%
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Wood mosaic.

With 3D effect. The revolution in the field of wooden wall coverings. 10x10 cm teak blocks with variation in thickness. Glued on the net, so glueable, no nails are needed, and no wooden back wall is needed. Create beautiful, attractive walls in your home, at your workplace, or in the hospitality industry ... Product: Wood wall cladding Wood type: teak Size: 60x60 cm Type: Wood on net. Glueable, even on curves. New and unique ReWood® product.


Applicable: indoors

Más Información
Más Información
Dimensions 60 x 60 cm ( 10 x 10 )
Thinkness tot ca. 2,5 cm
Quantity in box 3 = 1.08 m2