Ash wood

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3D Solid Wood Wallcovering type Ash (loose pieces of wood) Gives your walls a special 3D look with a very exclusive look. Made of solid wood and finished with UV-cured hardwax, this wallcovering creates a unique atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. The bathroom is also possible because the wooden wall panels can even be used in damp rooms.

It is REAL WOOD of the best quality, easy to apply and very attractively priced. This product consists of small thin pieces of wood, measuring 5x20 cm in different thicknesses (2, 4 and 6 mm thickness). The pieces of wood are glued to the flat background with the recommended adhesive type. A spirit level, and pencil, and sawing tools is all you need.

Solid, elastic and striking. Densibly recognizable growth rings give Essen this attractive structure. With these characteristics, this local wood species gives a special effect to your wall.

Más Información
Más Información
Dimensions 5x20 cm
Thinkness 2,4, en 6 mm
Quantity in box 100 dat is 1 m2.